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European Club Cup 2017 - 33rd European Chess Club Cup

Last update 14.10.2017 20:56:18, Creator/Last Upload: user 001

Team-Composition without round-results

  11. Šk Dunajsk√° Streda (RtgAvg:2448 / TB1: 9 / TB2: 157,5) Captain: Petenyi, Tamas
1IMPetenyi Tamas2449SVK149090903,57,0
2IMNemeth Miklos2489HUN7202324,57,0
3IMBokros Albert2482HUN7104584,07,0
4GMCzebe Attila2467HUN7052684,57,0
5GMVarga Zoltan2451HUN7005095,07,0
6IMCsonka Attila Istvan2347HUN7165295,57,0