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Haustmót Skákfélags Akureyrar - fyrri hluti

Last update 24.09.2017 20:24:01, Creator/Last Upload: icelandic chess federation

Starting rank

1Karason Askell O2300567ISL2196
2Kristjansson Olafur2300656ISL2121
3Arnarson Sigurdur2305054ISL2076
4Thorgeirsson Jon Kristinn2307731ISL2018
5Olafsson Smari2310023ISL1999
6Thorhallsson Simon2310090ISL1956
7Haraldsson Haraldur2311100ISL1920
8Eiríksson Sigurdur2302314ISL1903
9Eymundsson Eymundur2304635ISL1738
10Gasanova Ulker2302055ISL1608
11Signyjarson Arnar Smari2316340ISL1363