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1st Open Girls-Women Tournament SS Kyveleion En Passant 2017 A

Last update 22.10.2017 20:45:32, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation

Starting rank

1WCMKoutsogiannopoulou Theodora4215265GRE1880
2Vourtsa Georgia4214510GRE1769
3Batsi Lida4277872GRE1496
4Sirkeli Fani4238850GRE1452
5Tsakona Maria25834827GRE1388
6Giannopoulou Anastasia4254880GRE1354
7Chalatziouka Eleni25867067GRE1300
8Tsivelekidou Anthoula Elpida25823272GRE1202
9Trivella Maria4263359GRE1097
10Iliadou Anna25845659GRE1021
11Avramidou Varvara25872125GRE0
12Bezanidou EleniGRE0
13Geromitrou Zoi25885774GRE0
14Kalogeresi glykeriaGRE0
15Kalogeresi mariaGRE0
16Koukliati Semeli25859676GRE0
17Kourtidou AikateriniGRE0
18Oikonomou Thomai25866702GRE0
19Tsonou ElpidaGRE0
20Tsonou konstantinaGRE0