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FIDE OPEN Blitz - Ozanna 2017

Last update 15.09.2017 17:27:42, Creator/Last Upload: artcho93

Starting rank list of players

5Wiejaczka Bartlomiej1181190POL2038
8Mucha Hubert21840849POL1759
7Wrobel Dariusz21801193POL1643
4Mucha Konrad21840857POL1613
6Skiba Krzysztof1193279POL1597
3Mazurkiewicz Andrzej1163639POL1577
11Mazurkiewicz Milosz21867330POL1315
1Pazdzierz Piotr21810419POL1291
9Brak Robert21815640POL1283
2Lewicki Mariusz21867232POL1260
10Kielb Miroslaw21857024POL1226