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GP Rapid Postoupky 2,turnaj

Last update 18.10.2017 08:11:55, Creator/Last Upload: czech republic licence 9

Starting rank

1Opluštil Vladimír341274CZE1872Sokol Postoupky
2Medek Martin375578CZE1581Sokol Postoupky
3Krejčík MilanCZE1580Sokol Postoupky
4Opluštil Pavel365866CZE1542Sokol Postoupky
5Kubín Tomáš Daniel23708930CZE1272Sokol Postoupky
6Kubín Jiří23709359CZE1233Sokol Postoupky
7Hubáček MartinCZE1000Sokol Postoupky
8McEvoy Thomas JamesCZE1000Sokol Postoupky
9Opelíková LucieCZE1000Sokol Postoupky
10Vrzal FilipCZE1000Sokol Postoupky