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DAS Open 2017

Last update 10.12.2017 18:06:29, Creator/Last Upload: kbsk brugge

Starting rank

1Goossens Franky241490BEL2068303-Kbsk Brugge
2Todts Benny207373BEL2042303-Kbsk Brugge
3Lamproye Jean-Paul218057BEL1880303-Kbsk Brugge
4De Smedt Gino249572BEL1869303-Kbsk Brugge
5Feys Jan262862BEL1857309-Roeselare
6Van Ooteghem Rudy222402BEL1819303-Kbsk Brugge
7De Spiegelaere Chris214744BEL1754303-Kbsk Brugge
8Van Rillaer Dirk222496BEL1716303-Kbsk Brugge
9Devos Johan235350BEL1661303-Kbsk Brugge
10Meysman Paul254304BEL1617303-Kbsk Brugge
11De Winne Oswald249289BEL1587318-Kbsc
12De Rous RonnyBEL1525318-Kbsc