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Wiener Kinderliga 2017/2018

Last update 04.02.2018 12:05:41, Creator/Last Upload: wiener schachverband (ta)

Alphabetical list

1Asaad Hozan1079AUT1. Sk Ottakring B10
2Asaad Hozan1095AUT1. Sk Ottakring C15
3Asaad Jin871SYR1. Sk Ottakring B3
4Asatrian Alen1650440937AUTSv Floridsdorf A2
5Asatrian Alen1650440951AUTSv Floridsdorf B7
6Balint Peter16607131229AUTSk Hietzing B9
7Balint Peter16607131143AUTSk Hietzing A5
8Behl Alexander-Samir0AUTSc Donaustadt D5
9Behl Alexander-Samir0AUTSc Donaustadt C3
10Beroev Matvey800AUTtschaturanga piranhas B4
11Beroev Mikhail16604701371AUTtschaturanga piranhas B1
12Beroev Mikhail16604701371AUTtschaturanga piranhas A5
13Bilyalov Erol29270121283BULSz Favoriten A4
14Borrmann Laurenz0AUTSc Donaustadt D11
15Borrmann Laurenz0AUTSc Donaustadt C12
16Bui Philipp16617281223AUTSz Favoriten B10
17Danzinger Stefan0AUTSv Mödling4
18Djeno Marta145560061120CROSk Hietzing A2
19Dodu Crina Karina16405501155AUT1. Sk Ottakring A2
20Dotzer Lukas0AUTSc Donaustadt D7
21Dotzer Lukas0AUTSc Donaustadt C13
22Dudarev Oleh0AUTSz Favoriten B9
23Dudarev Oleh0AUTSz Favoriten C8
24Edelbacher Markus950AUT1. Sk Ottakring B8
25Edelbacher Markus950AUT1. Sk Ottakring A5
26Ernst Robert16626431225AUTSv Floridsdorf B2
27Ernst Robert16626431201AUTSv Floridsdorf A8
28Fido Simon1045AUTSk Hietzing B10
29Fido Simon1184AUTSk Hietzing A1
30Frania Simon0AUTSv Floridsdorf A4
31Gartmayer Yuki860AUT1. Sk Ottakring C3
32Gasca Luca1661400948AUTSc Donaustadt C2
33Gasca Luca1661400948AUTSc Donaustadt D6
34Gattas Refaat865SYR1. Sk Ottakring C9
35Georgiev Daniel16617361539AUTSz Favoriten A1
36Gerhold Paul800AUT1. Sk Ottakring C2
37Gerhold Paul800AUT1. Sk Ottakring B13
38Göbl Finn800AUTSc Polyglott L.S.3
39Göbl Finn800AUTSc Donaustadt D8
40Göbl Finn800AUTtschaturanga piranhas B10
41Göbl Nils1111AUTSc Polyglott L.S.1
42Gorodiskaya Anastasia0AUTSc Polyglott L.S.7
43Gorodiskaya Anastasia0AUTtschaturanga piranhas B11
44Gorodiskaya Anastasia0AUTSz Favoriten B11
45Gruber Philip0AUTSc Polyglott L.S.5
46Gruber Philip0AUTtschaturanga piranhas A4
47Guskic Andrija16434361818AUT1. Sk Ottakring A8
48Hanzl Sandro1000AUTSz Favoriten C1
49Haumann Katharina800AUTSz Favoriten C5
50Hautzeneder Niklas800AUTSz Favoriten B6
51Hautzeneder Niklas1664875822AUTSz Favoriten C9
52Hechl Fabian16515791842AUTSc Donaustadt A1
53Hiebner Carina16624061066AUTSv Mödling2
54Ivanovic Viktor0AUTSc Donaustadt D2
55Ivanovic Viktor0AUTSc Donaustadt C10
56Karall Andreas1013AUTSz Favoriten B4
57Karapetian Vahagn893AUTSk Hietzing A3
58Karapetian Vahagn893AUTSk Hietzing B6
59Karasmanoglou Athanasios1043GRESv Floridsdorf A1
60Karasmanoglou Athanasios949GRESv Floridsdorf B6
61Kaspar Sebastian16579841352AUTSz Favoriten A2
62Kasparov Mark16626270AUTSv Floridsdorf B4
63Kasparov Mark1662627800AUTtschaturanga piranhas B14
64Kasparov Mark1662627800AUTSv Floridsdorf A9
65Klenner Gabriel800AUTSk Hietzing A10
66Klenner Gabriel800AUTSk Hietzing B8
67Kober Stefan1176AUTSz Favoriten B1
68Kober Stefan1176AUTSz Favoriten A6
69Kolak David937AUT1. Sk Ottakring B5
70Kolak David937AUT1. Sk Ottakring C1
71Kolm Nino1657712949AUTSc Donaustadt C1
72Kolm Nino1657712949AUTSc Donaustadt D4
73Kolm Nino1657712949AUTSc Donaustadt B9
74Köszegi Jan906AUTSz Favoriten B7
75Kramar Erik984AUTSv Mödling3
76Krejci Vera Marie16519351303AUTSv Mödling5
77Kupi Karl800AUTSz Favoriten C4
78Lorenz Maurizio1076AUT1. Sk Ottakring A3
79Löschner Pablo0AUTSk Hietzing A8
80Löschner Pablo0AUTSk Hietzing B2
81Lysaght Aodhan0AUT1. Sk Ottakring C12
82Mandzhieva Altana16579921074AUTtschaturanga piranhas A2
83Mandzhieva Altana16579921074AUTtschaturanga piranhas B8
84Markelic Marko0AUTSz Favoriten C7
85Markelic Marko1112AUTSz Favoriten B8
86Matzka Moritz927AUTSc Polyglott L.S.2
87Miazhynski Alexander16513661081AUTSz Favoriten B2
88Miazhynski Alexander16513661081AUTSz Favoriten A5
89Miazhynski Michael16513741417AUTSz Favoriten A3
90Murali Saiadithya16513821165AUTSv Floridsdorf A5
91Pavlov Alexander1051AUT1. Sk Ottakring B2
92Pavlov Alexander1051AUT1. Sk Ottakring A10
93Pavlov Julian0AUTSv Floridsdorf A6
94Pavlov Julian0AUT1. Sk Ottakring B14
95Pavlov Julian0AUT1. Sk Ottakring C13
96Pavlov Roman16604461383AUTtschaturanga piranhas B2
97Pavlov Roman16604461383AUTtschaturanga piranhas A6
98Peraus Leonie16614421203AUTSc Donaustadt B2
99Peraus Leonie16614421203AUTSc Donaustadt C5
100Peraus Leonie16614421203AUTSc Donaustadt D12
101Peraus Tizian16614691235AUTSc Donaustadt B1
102Pokorny Sara800AUTSk Hietzing B4
103Pokorny Sara800AUTtschaturanga piranhas B7
104Pokorny Sara800AUTSk Hietzing A11
105Prackwieser Quentin0AUT1. Sk Ottakring B7
106Radnaev Leo0AUTtschaturanga piranhas B13
107Radnaev Mikael800AUTtschaturanga piranhas B5
108Radnaev Mikael800AUTtschaturanga piranhas A3
109Radnaev Nomin16563411353AUTtschaturanga piranhas A1
110Ramirez Gaviria Maya800AUT1. Sk Ottakring C5
111Ramirez Gaviria Maya800AUT1. Sk Ottakring B9
112Rigo Clemens813AUTSz Favoriten C3
113Rigo Lukas907AUTSz Favoriten C2
114Rigo Lukas907AUTSz Favoriten B5
115Rosol Alexander16457301823AUTSc Donaustadt A2
116Rosol Philip835AUTSc Donaustadt D1
117Rosol Philip835AUTSc Donaustadt C8
118Rotarciuc Luca816ROU1. Sk Ottakring B6
119Rotarciuc Luca816ROU1. Sk Ottakring C4
120Schellenbauer Peter16441731383AUTSc Donaustadt B5
121Schellenbauer Peter16441731383AUTSc Donaustadt A7
122Schmid Thomas924AUTSv Floridsdorf B3
123Schwab Harald1058AUTSz Favoriten B3
124Segal Anton16434281439AUT1. Sk Ottakring A7
125Shi William16581071573AUT1. Sk Ottakring A1
126Si Alexander0AUTSc Donaustadt D3
127Sinn Laurin0AUT1. Sk Ottakring C6
128Sinn Laurin0AUTSv Floridsdorf B5
129Sinn Yorick0AUT1. Sk Ottakring C11
130Sinn Yorick0AUTtschaturanga piranhas B12
131Sölkner Julian1164AUT1. Sk Ottakring A9
132Sölkner Julian1164AUT1. Sk Ottakring B1
133Stadlinger Lea16568481511AUTSc Donaustadt A6
134Stadlinger Lea16568481511AUTSc Donaustadt B11
135Stadlinger Lukas16568561377AUTSc Donaustadt A8
136Stadlinger Lukas16568561377AUTSc Donaustadt B6
137Stadlinger Matthias16568721617AUTSc Donaustadt A5
138Stadlinger Matthias16568721617AUTSc Donaustadt B8
139Staicu Natalia0AUTSz Favoriten C6
140Suleimanli Muhammad969GEO1. Sk Ottakring B4
141Suleimanli Muhammad966GEO1. Sk Ottakring C16
142Szakacs Marton0AUTSc Polyglott L.S.6
143Szigeti Adam16534151192AUTSv Floridsdorf B1
144Tolstykh Makarius0AUTSc Donaustadt D9
145Tolstykh Makarius0AUTSc Donaustadt C11
146Tuushinbayar Ermuun0MGLSk Hietzing A9
147Tuushinbayar Ermuun0MGLSk Hietzing B5
148Tuushinbayar Ermuun0MGLtschaturanga piranhas B6
149Tuushinbayar Ermuun0MGLSc Polyglott L.S.4
150Urbanek Leon866AUTSk Hietzing A4

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