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RTU Inter College Women Chess Tournament-2017 Organised- Pacific Business School *12-14.9.2017*Chief Arbiter Praveen Kothari-9828026032

Last update 14.09.2017 07:13:09, Creator/Last Upload: adv. praveen kothari

Starting rank

1Ayushi Jain PIET, JaipurIND0
2Harshita Sharma PIET, JaipurIND0
3Hemlata Chouhan GITS, UdaipurIND0
4Nikita Dak PBS, UdaipurIND0
5Pranjali PIET, JaipurIND0
6Prashita Jain PIET, JaipurIND0
7Priyam Shrivastav PIET, JaipurIND0
8Priyanka Soni GITS, UdaipurIND0
9Saloni Kumawat GITS, UdaipurIND0