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Sallskapets Hostturn 2017, grp B

Last update 12.12.2017 22:34:52, Creator/Last Upload: stockholms schacksallskap

Starting rank list of players

7Alquist Erik1707701SWE2021
5Pettersson Alexander5600928MLT2020
4Sjodin Bengt1702483SWE2018
6Samuelsson Sven-Gunnar1704966SWE2016
2Evertsson Rune1704184SWE2002
8Nilsson Christer 19501709631SWE2002
1Carlsten Peter1705067SWE1974
3Johansson Nicklas1735527SWE1934
10Adamsson Goran1722174SWE1887
9Ornell Dennis1727737SWE1879