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PE Chess Club Open 2017: B Section

Last update 30.09.2017 13:47:11, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 84)

Starting rank

1Peter MnicoRSA955
2De Beer TiaanRSA922
3Coetzer QuinnRSA859
4Bosch AltusRSA816
5Louis CaitlynRSA798
6Freeman ViancoRSA796
7Van Der Merwe GustavRSA760
8Crone CallanRSA748
9Van Der Merwe LucasRSA743
10Spence KaydenRSA677
11Du Plessis HannahRSA585
12Mellet AndriesRSA574
13Ramaele LeratoRSA539
14Jikijela AnishaRSA533
15Van Der Merwe SarahRSA521