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Klubturnier Schachclub Chur 2017 Kat Open

Last update 08.01.2018 10:33:24, Creator/Last Upload: fortunat schmid

Starting rank list of players

1Schmid Fortunat1333542SUI1438Chur Sk
2Hörtner Rolf1339460SUI1415Chur Sk
3Osmaev HamzatSUI1406Chur Sk
4Schmid Luzius1335367SUI1336Chur Sk
5Weggler RobertSUI1200Chur Sk
6Bättig MarcelSUI0Chur Sk
7Clavadetscher GregorSUI0
8Glatzl AndreSUI0Chur Sk
9Schelling SandroSUI0