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Staffordshire Congress 2017 Minor

Last update 18.09.2017 10:59:02, Creator/Last Upload: mattcarr2700

Starting rank

1Gill Martin279183119Crewe
2Gissi Alberto297490117Newcastle-Under-Lyme
3Harrison Ronald S112223117Belper
4Walker Roger W120998117Belper
5Hawthorne Julian Nh292592116Kidsgrove
6Valea Ionut Florin303461116Warley Quinborne
7Madden Jason D188252111Leamington
8Anderton Doreen141743107Walsall Kipping
9Crompton Brian E109111107Pensby
10Coleman Patrick N142748106Lytham Ex-Servicemen
11Bramley Douglas107186105Spondon
12Brown Victor J298969101Walsall Kipping
13Fancourt Leslie J13351998Derby
14Hodges John L13766698Solihull
15Alcock Joseph P29349495Cheddleton & Leek
16Hirst Joe30247293Newcastle-Under-Lyme
17Szwajkun Steve26447293Telford
18Shelley Paul11885592Cheddleton & Leek
19Carter Andy S27564890Red Admiral
20Gardiner Colin J11105289Barnstaple
21Hurst Joseph30005587Nottinghamshire Juniors
22Buxton Richard28245586Stratford
23Hall Les28930484Crewe
24Brown Joshua T29805876Cheddleton & Leek
25Morrell Ian R26363365Belper
26Chadwick Martin J30745060Meir
27Knight Terry29911356Derby
28Wright Philip31106245Crewe
29Jones Jamie D29805640Cheddleton & Leek
30Jones Jasmine H3034504Cheddleton & Leek
31Gayes Ella00Cheddleton & Leek
32Shearsby Jude3066350Coventry Chess Academy
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