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Staffordshire Congress 2017 Major

Last update 18.09.2017 10:58:45, Creator/Last Upload: mattcarr2700

Starting rank

1Clegg Robert230106156Huddersfield
2Hartley Dean M112248147Amber Valley
3Wiltshir Rich300350144Rushall
4Cartlidge Alex J277178143Cheddleton & Leek
5Blackburn Jon Ew178103141Cheddleton & Leek
6Cartlidge Jacob D275894139Cheddleton & Leek
7Wootton Stephen G295064138Rolls Royce Derby
8Lawrence Roy A179054136Sutton Coldfield
9Willow Hambel M284548136West Nottingham
10Bamford Paul180149135East Cheshire
11Renegade Richard0134Crewe
12Clare Steve278615133Wallasey
13Szwajkun Richard264471133Telford
14Ashton David N124335129Pensby
15Mace Colin G281883127Wellington (shropshire)
16Barnett Douglas J173135123Crewe
17Morris Nigel W231804123Leamington
18Cantliff Richard P186535121Newcastle-Under-Lyme
19Mountford Caroline L290768120Cheddleton & Leek
20Blackburn Sandra G178127118Cheddleton & Leek
21Hall Gary194611117Wallasey
22Parry Samuel A306723107Cheddleton & Leek
23Horkan Stanley112979150None
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