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131 RCF and sport club Baltika Rapid Cup 06.09.2017.

Last update 06.09.2017 19:56:39, Creator/Last Upload: riga chess federation

Starting rank list of players

2NMKretainis Kristaps11602163LAT2223Riga
7MKBolsakovs Vadims11601981LAT2138Riga
5MKMelderis Uldis11600845LAT1950Plavinas
1MKGudovskis Konstantins11609753LAT1939Riga
3IBirgelis Janis11605316LAT1919Riga
9NMBatakovs Olegs11600888LAT1877Riga
4WFMPriedite Ingrida11600217LAT1830wRiga
6MKZalcmane Vija11603445LAT1567wRiga
8INapins Vadims11617659LAT1444Riga