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32nd National Junior (U-19) Girls Chess Championship-2017

Last update 11.09.2017 10:13:54, Creator/Last Upload: vlanandh

Player info

NameJain Nityata
Starting rank19
Rating national0
Rating international1775
Performance rating1853
FIDE rtg +/-67,2
Club/CityMadhya Pradesh
Year of birth 2004


11955Shriya R Revankar1236Karnataka6,0w 1403,20
21873Vedushi Joshi0Chandigarh3,0s 1
369Divya Lakshmi R1994Tamil Nadu6,5w 040-8,80
41235Niharika Ch1529Andhra Pradesh6,0s 1407,60
566Priyanka K2068Tamil Nadu7,5w ½4014,00
6818Thamaraiselvi P1841Tamil Nadu6,5s 14023,60
7612Pandey Srishti1958Maharashtra4,5w 14029,60
828Harshita Guddanti2051Andhra Pradesh7,5s ½4013,20
922WIMChitlange Sakshi2134Maharashtra8,5w 040-4,00
1044WFMTarini Goyal2090Chandigarh7,5s 040-5,60
1185WFMVarshini V2086Tamil Nadu7,0w 040-5,60
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