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47th National Junior (U-19) Open Chess Championship-2017

Last update 11.09.2017 10:14:09, Creator/Last Upload: vlanandh

Player info

NameMuthaiah Al
Starting rank5
Rating national0
Rating international2364
Performance rating2140
FIDE rtg +/--32,8
Club/CityTamil Nadu
Year of birth 1999


1563Aryan1634INDJammu & Kashmir5,5w 1201,60
2538Chaitanya Sairam Mogili1887INDAndhra Pradesh6,5s 1201,60
3524Suvradeepta Das2077INDWest Bengal6,5w ½20-6,80
4618Wagh Suyog2207INDMaharashtra6,0s ½20-4,20
5828Saptorshi Gupta2007INDWest Bengal6,5w ½20-7,80
6929Hemanth Raam1994INDTamil Nadu7,0s 020-18,00
71651Divyanshu Gupta1739INDMadhya Pradesh5,5w 1201,60
81030Raghav Srivathsav V1982INDTelangana6,0s ½20-8,20
9932Gurung Rohit1971INDSikkim6,0w 1201,60
10617CMKushagra Mohan2217INDTelangana7,0s 1206,00
1136IMKrishna Teja N2359INDAndhra Pradesh8,0w ½20-0,20
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