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47th National Junior (U-19) Open Chess Championship-2017

Last update 11.09.2017 10:14:09, Creator/Last Upload: vlanandh

Player info

NameJayakumaar S
Starting rank15
Rating national0
Rating international2237
Performance rating2218
FIDE rtg +/-17,0
Club/CityTamil Nadu
Year of birth 2001


11573Eshaan Chandrol1514INDMadhya Pradesh5,5w 1201,60
21246Rounak Pathak1775INDWest Bengal5,5s 1201,60
31154Harsh Himanshu1720INDBihar6,0w 1201,60
436IMKrishna Teja N2359INDAndhra Pradesh8,0s ½203,40
549Saurabh Anand2331INDBihar6,5w 12012,60
627FMKarthik Venkataraman2347INDAndhra Pradesh9,5s 020-7,00
7630Raghav Srivathsav V1982INDTelangana6,0w 1203,80
813IMHarsha Bharathakoti2394INDTelangana9,5w 020-5,80
961IMMohammad Nubairshah Shaikh2410INDMaharashtra7,0s 020-5,40
101231Utsab Chatterjee1975INDWest Bengal6,5s 1203,60
11621Dixit Nikhil2129INDMaharashtra7,0w 1207,00
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