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First Saturday FM Sep 2017

Last update 12.09.2017 15:44:09, Creator/Last Upload: hungarian chess-federation (master)

Player Overview of a federation

Overview for team ITA

1Albi Bachini Conti SilviaITA18361½00½½½11½5,531988FM

Player details

Albi Bachini Conti Silvia 1836 ITA Rp:1988 Pts. 5,5
16Takacs Zsolt Otto1803HUN3,5w 1FM
22Tancsa Tamas1930HUN3,0w ½FM
33Zoltan Andras1945HUN4,5s 0FM
44IMEperjesi Laszlo Dr.2133HUN7,0w 0FM
55Szotkowski David1949CZE6,5s ½FM
66Takacs Zsolt Otto1803HUN3,5s ½FM
72Tancsa Tamas1930HUN3,0s ½FM
83Zoltan Andras1945HUN4,5w 1FM
94IMEperjesi Laszlo Dr.2133HUN7,0s 1FM
105Szotkowski David1949CZE6,5w ½FM