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First Saturday GM Sep 2017

Last update 12.09.2017 18:07:32, Creator/Last Upload: hungarian chess-federation (master)

Player Overview of a federation

Overview for team CZE

8Szotkowski JakubCZE236910101000½3,582346GM
5Szotkowski DavidCZE194910½1½1½½16,522039FM

Player details

Szotkowski Jakub 2369 CZE Rp:2346 Pts. 3,5
13IMMischuk Dmitry2403UKR3,0s 1GM
24GMPacher Milan2446SVK4,5w 0GM
35Balint Vilmos2281HUN0,0s 1GM
46IMAczel Gergely2532HUN7,5w 0GM
57IMBagi Mate2456HUN4,0s 1GM
610GMCzebe Attila2465HUN6,0s 0GM
79GMAkesson Ralf2445SWE5,5w 0GM
81IMValdes Romero Leonardo2415CRC6,0s 0GM
92IMMulyar Michael A2393USA5,0w ½GM
Szotkowski David 1949 CZE Rp:2039 Pts. 6,5
12Tancsa Tamas1930HUN3,0s 1FM
23Zoltan Andras1945HUN4,5w 0FM
34IMEperjesi Laszlo Dr.2133HUN7,0s ½FM
46Takacs Zsolt Otto1803HUN3,5s 1FM
51Albi Bachini Conti Silvia1836ITA5,5w ½FM
62Tancsa Tamas1930HUN3,0w 1FM
73Zoltan Andras1945HUN4,5s ½FM
84IMEperjesi Laszlo Dr.2133HUN7,0w ½FM
96Takacs Zsolt Otto1803HUN3,5w 1FM
101Albi Bachini Conti Silvia1836ITA5,5s ½FM