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Roslagen Open Klass 1 2017

Last update 02.09.2017 16:27:48, Creator/Last Upload: scandinavian-chess-tournament

Starting rank list of players

3Lundh Bengt1727400SWE1890SS Gambit
4Arfwedson Peter513199FIN1883Ålands SK
6Johansson Joakim513202FIN1821Ålands SK
8Lindh Goran1720503SWE1799Stockholms SS
7Gunnarsson Lennart1715860SWE1776SS Gambit
10Eriksson Bo E1725491SWE1753SS Delectus
1Jansson Gilbert1701770SWE1740SS Gambit
5Cegrell Bo1730061SWE1658Rånäs SK
9Grahn Vidar1744780SWE1368Trojanska Hästen
2Gerdes Sebastian1745697SWE1367Trojanska Hästen