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Azaadi Minor

Last update 24.09.2017 16:38:04, Creator/Last Upload: 4ncl

Starting rank

1Dicen Imogen455334ENG109South Birmingham
2Peck WindsorENG108Halesowen
3Leadbetter Scott452092ENG104University Of Birmingham
4Pakenham John H417068IRL103Warley Quinborne
5Mcleod Mark453030ENG98Didcot
6Franks SamENG88Loughborough University
7Shearsby JudeENG86CCA
8Szwajkun Steve435163ENG86TelfordĀ 
9Parnes ShiraENG83Witney
10Coward James457450ENG73Bushbury
11Pal RohanENG59Hallfield School
12Franks DanielENG41Teignmouth
13Tangri BenjaminENG39West House School
14Tangri WilliamENG0West House School
15Pasha EshaanENG45Hallfield