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UpsalaASS September-ELO gr C 2017

Last update 03.09.2017 23:11:53, Creator/Last Upload: david foster

Starting rank

1Lönsjö Håkan1709577SWE1643SS Delectus
2Nyberg Per1716743SWE1622Upsala ASS
3Arnell Staffan1723405SWE1592Kungsörs SK
4Molin Albin1746073SWE1554Upsala ASS
5Eriksson Erik1723502SWE1467Västerås SK
6Stordahl Vidar1738119SWE1412Upsala ASS
7Nyström Adam1738097SWE0Upsala ASS
8Östberg EmilSWE0Upsala ASS