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2017 South Wales Summer Open

Last update 03.09.2017 19:52:38, Creator/Last Upload: kevin

Starting rank

1Kett Tim1801210WLS2209
2Morris Gareth1800892WLS2063
3Bullen Alex1801627WLS2049Cardiff
4Ralphs Nigel1801805WLS2048
5Young Alan1801309WLS2034
6Brown Thomas1801430WLS2020
7Ehsandar Peter1801813WLS1970
8Fathallah Joe1801899WLS1959
9May Adam J1800710WLS1944
10Turner Joseph David1801520WLS1918
11Cizek Ondrej336068CZE1847
12Buttell David416720WLS1817
13Jukes Sam1803182WLS1733
14Choo Yin Benjamin1802933WLS1702
15Williams Stephen1803140WLS1666