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2nd Paytakht Cup International Chess Festival A

Last update 31.10.2017 11:34:33, Creator/Last Upload: iran chess-federation (licence 20)

Player overview for arm

16GMHarutjunyan Gevorg2433ARM0111½00½04,035Group A

Results of the last round for arm

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
91216GMHarutjunyan Gevorg24334 0 - 14 FMHakemi Arman220835

Player details for arm

GM Harutjunyan Gevorg 2433 ARM Rp:2204 Pts. 4,0
145Razaghi Behrooz2152IRI4,0s 0
241Shafiei Alireza2179IRI0,0w 1
337FMKhakpour Abbas2195IRI1,0s 1
432Salar Milad2217IRI4,0w 1
510IMGholami Aryan2482IRI6,0w ½
615GMToufighi Homayoon2436IRI6,0s 0
743Daneshvar Bardiya2168IRI6,0w 0
838Shamsi Mohammadhossein2189IRI5,0s ½
935FMHakemi Arman2208IRI5,0w 0