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2017 Toronto Open U1800

Last update 05.09.2017 01:25:08, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 23)

Starting rank

1Papneja Arul2626136CAN1789
2Nazareno MerlinCAN1783
3Ab-Barin Hooshang2618281CAN1782
4Supsup Ferdinand2614030CAN1781
5Molev Daniel2613808CAN1773
6Zhao Jeffrey R.CAN1679
7Liu Henry2628597CAN1665
8Xie Patrick2628694CAN1659
9Garel Richard2627906CAN1656
10Maheux Pierre2613760CAN1646
11Wing Richard2621355CAN1627
12Cabioc Jose2613506CAN1604
13Greco Marco A.CAN1598
14Robertson KoleCAN1582
15Ahmed Syed IbrahimCAN1557
16Benggawan Undriadi2627973CAN1541
17Walker JohnCAN1519
18Belcadi Salim2626675CAN1509
19Xie Austin2623919CAN1504
20Zhou Joey (junhe)2630303CAN1496
21Gao Raymond2629429CAN1490
22Chertkow Matthew2619687CAN1489
23Schyngera EliCAN1467
24Kurkowski Ken2613719CAN1461
25Atayde MerlinCAN1456
26Sztuka JeremyCAN1449
27Qiao Joey2623200CAN1443
28Ma Yue RanCAN1436
29Guntoori Bhargava2629178CAN1428
30Sydykhanov Arman2619288CAN1419
31Joseph Benher Savio2629453CAN1405
32Li WingCAN1399
33Byarugaba NathanCAN1396
34Kalmanson EvgenyCAN1396
35Chugh RohanCAN1387
36Lu Lucas Yunkun2629470CAN1365
37Locham DivjotCAN1358
38Chertkow Sasha2620200CAN1350
39Yuen Noah NathanielCAN1333
40Liu Harrison (hangchen)2628570CAN1329
41Ma AndrewCAN1323
42Chen Derek2629410CAN1321
43Gao William (zhimao)2629437CAN1319
44Wang Yanning2626330CAN1308
45Wang IsabelleCAN1300
46Panayotou PaulCAN1250
47Montinaro LouisCAN0
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