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2017 Toronto Open U2200

Last update 05.09.2017 02:09:19, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 23)

Starting rank

1Calvelo Jelvis5208009PHI2160
2Franco RyanCAN2159
3Qian Owen2614880CAN2106
4Pramanik Projjwal5010020IND2098
5Evans Bill2601796CAN2093
6Ishow Younan7601727SYR2079
7Khanna Ravi5012104IND2078
8Baltzopoulos GiorgosGRE2063
9Whissell Mavros2609460CAN2058
10Chernik Dmitry2613530CAN2051
11Lauron Ranel2618320CAN2033
12Palacios Bobby2601222CAN2033
13Frilles Ruperto2602687CAN2011
14Hay Jonathan2623625CAN1971
15Kang Dorian2619156CAN1962
16Surya Benito2620073CAN1955
17Ranola Alberto5220920PHI1942
18Feng Richard2618621CAN1941
19Finlay Ian2604302CAN1937
20Jiang Brian2627922CAN1933
21Talsma Shawn2622980CAN1928
22Fines JohnCAN1925
23Haziprodromu Sam2605139CAN1909
24Rusonik Max2619253CAN1906
25Zheng Kevin2628120CAN1895
26Shah Omaray M.2605732CAN1894
27Huang Youhe2629445CAN1888
28WFMQiao Cindy2620243CAN1877
29Moran-Venegas Mario2605279CAN1873
30He Emma2627299CAN1856
31Uthayakumar Ronan2623773CAN1854
32D'Souza Justin Quinn2617692CAN1839
33Zhao Jeffrey Renfei2628651CAN1838
34Pantazi Emanuel A.2626969CAN1833
35Manalo Pepin2609690CAN1832
36Chang Alexander R.Z.2624974CAN1829
37Costales DanCAN1813
38Ghazarian Tigran2623030CAN1783
39Ali Shafkat2613441CAN1782
40Singh Malhar2628686CAN1736
41Liao Joseph2626772CAN1713
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