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2nd FCPL Cup - Side Event (King of the Hill format)

Last update 18.11.2017 15:47:12, Creator/Last Upload: jobannie

Starting rank

1Dolor Abelardo R.5208823PHI1904Carlsen
2Mabatid Allan C5205352PHI1783
3Diacamos DilaniePHI1594Lasker
4Santos Ronaldo5222761PHI1271Carlsen
5Masa Rolly5223105PHI1254Fischer
6Celeste Patricia5226473PHI1234Steinitz
7Aurelio Marcelino5226066PHI0Lasker
8Benedicto Marlon5223091PHI0Lasker
9Berdin Lorwinna5224640PHI0Fischer
10Contreras DantePHI0Steinitz
11Mangaco Joepon Dulay5218608PHI0Steinitz
12Manrique Katrina5221285PHI0Spassky
13Santos KhristianPHI0Fischer
14Villasista Anna Marie5226031PHI0
15Yet MichaelPHI0Fischer
17Yap Jediael Ernest Parson5219477PHI0
18Yap Jared David5219469PHI1373
19Angeles AdrianPHI0
20Camello Jade AnnePHI0