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Wasa snabbschack GP

Last update 08.09.2017 08:11:26, Creator/Last Upload: wasa sk

Starting rank

1Collett PeterSWE2186
2Marchand EricSWE2170
3Larsson DanielSWE2058
4Eriksson LennarthSWE2006
5Säfholm StenSWE1988
6Brehmer UlfSWE1926
7Kostlan JanSWE1915
8Rånby HansSWE1884
9Hedin NiclasSWE1878
10Nyström RagnarSWE1797
11Gundersen IngvarSWE1787
12Hall SimonSWE1741
13Enfors DanielSWE1434
14Bornhede HenrikSWE0
15Celander OtteSWE0
16Strömgård MartinSWE0
17Wretljung LennartSWE0
18Svensson PaulaSWE0
19Knöppel BjörnSWE1794
20Wesshagen BosseSWE1661