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I Memorial Victor Hugo de Souza - ALEX 2017

Last update 04.10.2017 02:59:35, Creator/Last Upload: alvarofrota

Starting rank

1Bandeira Elias2084ANXN
2Mesquita Jose Carlos1958AALEX
3Murilo Sergio1953AALEX
4Lima Juarez1949S60AALEX
5Cruz Jose Carlos1879BADUX
6Rolim Carlos1864S60BALEX
7Loyola Sidney1823BNXN
8Rabello David1814BHSCER
9Pinon Antonio1784BALEX
10Von Calmbach Guilherme1721S60BALEX
11Labre Diogenes1705S60BALEX
12da Costa Carlos Henrique1688BALEX
13Pereira Emmanuel1687S60BALEX
14Telek Ian1687U18BALEX
15Negreiros Diogenes1643BTTC
16Lopes Jose Carlos10CALEX
17Lucena Lucas10U18CALEX
18Mathias Daniel10CALEX
19Sanches Vitor10CALEX