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Trinidad and Tobago International Under 12 - 2017

Last update 02.09.2017 18:25:17, Creator/Last Upload: trinidad and tobago ca (licence 1)

Starting rank

1MARTIN Athena7702280TTO13981398w
2CMRAMPERSAD Rayden7704100TTO12471247
3LA FLEUR Zara7703848TTO12341234w
4JOHNSON Chaya7703317TTO11751175w
5YEARWOOD Sheldon7703287TTO11591159
6LA FLEUR Juninho7705417TTO11291129
7MUNROE-BROWN Brad7703260TTO10971097
8CHAITRAM Aaron7705026TTO00
9CHAITRAM Aiden7705018TTO00
11JOSEPH SanjivTTO00
12RAMOS Roman ReneCUB00
13SCOON Kalel7705425TTO00
14YORKE-VENTOUR Keshav7705107TTO00