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Rapid turnir "Zeta 12-2017"

Last update 31.08.2017 07:39:22, Creator/Last Upload: montenegro chess federation

Starting rank

1FMDjukanovic Sreten920304MNE2219
2Pecurica Milos944963MNE2208
3Vukcevic Nemanja941808MNE2175
4Jovancevic Jovan900702MNE2105
5Vujacic Igor932620MNE2099
6FMPopovic Mladen906069MNE2094
7Vujosevic Sasa16501128MNE2062
8Alivodic Dario16501632MNE1969
9Jeknic Velimir909831MNE1958
10Radonjic Milan16501020MNE1917
11Tripunovic Miomir16500407MNE1901
12Vuckovic Marko16501870MNE1901
13Knezevic Radomir16500822MNE1821
14Lakusic Zoran16502060MNE1759