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Championnat 2017 RAPID PHASE 1 Centre Catégorie A - 4e Journée

Last update 27.08.2017 16:50:49, Creator/Last Upload: cameroon chess-federation

Starting rank

1IMAmba MariusCMR1992Soa Chess Academy
2CMMakem PierreCMR1978Yaounde Chess Club
3Fomena StevinCMR1841Yaounde Chess Club
4Dongmo Zebaze DylaneCMR1831Polythec Chess Club
5Eloundou HervéCMR1828Yaounde Chess Club
6Noutchegueme Alain-DidierCMR1817Yaounde Chess Club
7Mba'ale Paul GerardCMR1803Yaounde Chess Club
8Minali EricCMR1787Yaounde Chess Club
9Metuno BleriotCMR1768Polythec Chess Club
10Woambia MebamefeCMR1731Yaounde Chess Club
11Anguissa Abega ArsèneCMR1703Yaounde Chess Club
12Belinga JosephCMR1635Yaounde Chess Club