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Herzliya Summer Festival Junior Rapid 2017

Last update 29.08.2017 00:00:50, Creator/Last Upload: israel chess federation (licence 70)

Starting rank

1 Shapira Gal2821079ISR16191818
2 Kotler Yiftah2820986ISR16151837
3 Shukrun Alon2825660ISR15191757
4 Avisar Yahav2837544ISR13791478
5 Goldenberg Shay2822040ISR13311506
6 Sivan Lynn2827336ISR13951572
7 Amiel Roy2814978ISR15021512
8 Sherman Esther2833700ISR01451
9 Duchan Yoav2834006ISR12351400
10 Cohen Asaf2831368ISR12291363
11 Nissan Amit2826275ISR12661440
12 Amiel Yoav2820676ISR01294
13 Sade Elad2830485ISR01368
14 Shachak Ido2839792ISR01315
15Lotan RonyISR01364
16 Kirsch Yahel David2839156ISR01304