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UpsalaASS September-ELO gr B 2017

Last update 03.09.2017 23:09:14, Creator/Last Upload: david foster

Starting rank

1Amberts Jens1728261SWE1916Linköpings ASS
2Bernhard Jonathan1720236SWE1860Heby SS
3Van Dijk Nico1727745SWE1846Upsala ASS
4Trost Martin1710737SWE1844SK Rockaden
5Storskog Thomas1725988SWE1816Rödeby SK
6Karlsson Roy1709429SWE1792Heby SS
7Norevall Ulf1705555SWE1791Upsala ASS
8Carlsson Gustav1734148SWE1784Heby ss
9Vallgren Anders1733346SWE1767Upsala ASS
10Fahlberg Kenneth1747444SWE1760Sundsvalls SK
11Sjögren Christer1738968SWE1757VästerĂ¥s SK
12Myrberg Rickard1709720SWE1740Schack 78
13Kallin Anders1747576SWE1711SK Pjäsen