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ASTRO Merdeka Rapid Open Team Chess Championship 2017

Last update 26.08.2017 12:26:44, Creator: malaysian chess federation,Last Upload: kaber azzad

Final Ranking after 9 Rounds

Rk.SNoTeamGames  +   =   -  TB1  TB2  TB3 
110PTP IPC A98101730,50
21GARUDA RETURNS98101728,50
311PAMA Chess Club97021425,50
517ACA Men's Team96121323,50
618Team MATIK96121323,00
74KL Chesskids Team 196121322,50
926TEAM KL (MAS,STATE)96121320,50
106PeBT Selangor (MAS,STATE)96031225,00
1121Karpovian (MAS)96031223,50
125Men On A Mission95221223,00
1320Kuala Lumpur 2 (MAS,STATE)94411222,50
1412Dato Team95221221,50
1537PTP IPC B95221221,00
188Jayakarta Muda95131122,50
1929ASTRO Women Team (MAS,F)95131122,50
203KL Chesskids Team 295131122,00
2122Jakarta Ladies Team (F)95131121,50
2227'Chicken Attack' (MAS)95131121,50
244217Chess Club A (MAS,STATE)95131121,00
2528CLOBA 80 (MAS,STATE)95131120,50
2669ACA Junior Boys U16 Team A (JR)95131118,00
2731Kelantan Red Knights A (MAS,STATE)95131116,50
2815ACA Guests94231023,00
2925Klang Valley Kiwis94231023,00
3024CITY OF DASMARINAS95041021,50
3119SUGAR-LALA (MAS,STATE)95041021,00
3223Sarawak A (MAS,STATE,GOV)94231020,00
339PACQUIAO SENIORS (VET)94231018,50
3452Penang Ladies State Team (MAS,STATE,F)95041018,50
354017Chess Club B (MAS,STATE)9414921,00
3667Methodist Knight (SCH,STATE)9333919,00
3743The White Knights (JR)9414918,50
3844The Complicated9414918,50
3949PDRM A9333918,50
4039HELP University (MAS,STATE,IPT)9414918,00
4136MAKSAK Johor (MAS,STATE,GOV)9414918,00
4238Engko Memang Terrer9414918,00
4332Thai Team9333918,00
4434Kelantan Red Knights B (MAS,STATE)9333918,00
4548Penang 4896 (MAS,STATE)9414917,50
465417 Chess Club C (MAS,STATE)9414917,50
4735Penang State Team (MAS,STATE)9414917,00
4847Penang U16 State Team (MAS,STATE,JR)9414917,00
4962Nusa Mahkota Jr (Tuah) (MAS,STATE,JR)9333917,00
5050Hero Catur9414917,00
5160X IIUM9414916,00
5263Silent Beauties9414916,00
5341SABAH (MAS,STATE)9414916,00
5479SMJK Katholik (SCH,U16)9405819,50
5633Seahorse KSRP (MAS)9324817,00
5772ACA Junior Boys U16 Team B (JR)9324816,00
5876UNIMAS (MAS,IPT)9243815,50
5955Sarawak B (MAS,STATE,GOV)9324814,50
6146JOHOR State Team (MAS,STATE)9405813,50
6378ROJAK (JR,MAS)9315718,50
6457Wise Pawn9234717,00
6516SKY CHESS9153716,50
6665CLOBA B (MAS,STATE)9234715,50
6771Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah PUTRAJAYA (MAS,9153715,00
6870Hari Hari Mau9315714,50
6956Stingray KSRP (MAS)9234714,50
7151JB Chess9153714,01
7274Swordfish KSRP (MAS)9234713,50
7368PDRM B9315713,50
7466Clasiccal Chess Warrior9315713,00
7582NMA Elite (MAS,JR)9315713,00
7659Sarawak D (STATE)9234712,00
7787CHKL (MAS,SCH)9225617,50
7888Nusa Mahkota Jr (Tun Teja) (F,U16,SCH,ST9144615,00
7977FETIH 1453 (U16) (JR)9306614,50
8075SMJK Phor Tay (sch/jr)9144614,00
8180Ombak Chess Team (MAS,IPT)9225613,50
8253IJM/S2 Community9225613,00
8384WMS KL (I) (JR)9135515,00
8486U-Knighted (MAS,JR)9135512,50
8589MBSSKL JBBC (MAS,SCH)9216512,50
8664Sarawak C (STATE)9216511,00
8781JM BENA (MAS,JR)9126411,50
8885LIPIS Warrior (JR)9045411,00
8961Spearfish KSRP (MAS)912649,00
9090KINABALU 3901817,50

Tie Break1: Matchpoints (2 for wins, 1 for Draws, 0 for Losses)
Tie Break2: points (game-points)
Tie Break3: The results of the teams in then same point group according to Matchpoints

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