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Trinidad and Tobago National Finals 2017 - Open RR

Last update 23.10.2017 00:02:37, Creator/Last Upload: Trinidad and Tobago CA (licence 1)

Starting rank list of players

6FMJohnson Joshua7700768TTO2225
2FMHarper Ryan7700156TTO2215
9FMCupid Kevin7700512TTO2174
4FMMerritt Mario7700148TTO2162
12FMWinter Atwell Adrian7700750TTO2155
3FMMc Intosh Isaiah7703791TTO2145
10CMWiltshire Esan7700318TTO2051
7CMSingh Ravishen7700199TTO2029
1FMYee Frank7700105TTO2028
11Ramoutar Alan-Safar7704224TTO2007
8CMSoondarsingh Dev7700954TTO1951
5Jones David7700075TTO1924
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