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3rd Rail Wheel Factory International Open FIDE Rating Tournament

Last update 03.10.2017 10:44:56, Creator/Last Upload: vidhatri lakshmi

Player info

NameKunal M.
Starting rank4
Rating national0
Rating international2338
Performance rating2026
FIDE rtg +/--8,4
Club/CityT N
Year of birth 1991


14310Keshav Malik Kapoor1047INDKARBAICA4,0w 1
24163Priyadarshini V Dpi1324INDT N6,0s 1
3489Rathina Sabapathi A1534INDT N MMCA6,5w 1
4443Darshan V P S1718INDKAR5,0s 1
5423Gavi Siddayya1933INDKARBACS6,5w 1
6310Audi Ameya2153INDGOA7,0s 0
7517Bala Kannamma P2062INDT N VACA6,5w 1
8418Manu David Suthandram R2037INDT N MMCA7,0s ½
9421Swaraj Palit1970INDJHA6,5w 1
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