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III Tancat Sant Boi 2017 Grup B

Last update 27.11.2017 09:59:07, Creator/Last Upload: robert cardona alcaide

Starting rank list of players

10Martin Barcelo Carles24561444ESP18352063Palleja, Club Escacs
9Lopez Gallego Pedro24599034ESP17481748Sant Boi C.E.
3Fernandez Lopez Mario24571903ESP17211923Sant Boi C.E.
4Marcer Casas Joan Anton24593745ESP16731853Sant Boi C.E.
2Ros Gorne Ramon32043490ESP16561894Sant Boi C.E.
7Roca Planas Edgar24561290ESP16332006Sant Andreu C.E.
8Altemir Gubankov Sebastian24593680ESP16161841Sant Boi C.E.
5Gonzalez Pedraza Africa32086814ESP16161839Sant Boi C.E.
6Gonzalez De Pedro Juan Javier32071400ESP16091832Sant Boi C.E.
1Bastida Perez Joan24593699ESP16011800Sant Boi C.E.