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II Torneo Open de Ajedrez de Goicoechea

Last update 10.09.2017 15:18:23, Creator/Last Upload: josue amaya

Starting rank

1Carvajal Pena Daniel6504612CRC1876Ccdr Goicoechea
2Bogantes Robleto Karina6504582CRC1657Ccdr Goicoechea
3Castro Garcia Alejandro6507050CRC1573Ccdr Goicoechea
4Barboza Viquez Martin Eduardo6508200CRC1549
5Solano Cordero Jorge6505155CRC1524Ccdr Goicoechea
6Nunez Okubo Emy6511570CRC1523Ccdr Goicoechea
7Fallas Marin Kaleb6509045CRC1519Ccdr Goicoechea
8Ramirez Marchena Carlos Andre6508472CRC1518Ccdr Goicoechea
9Calvo Campos Adrian6515096CRC1488Ccdr Turrialba
10CMNunez Okubo Isao6508430CRC1473Ccdr Goicoechea
11Murillo Rojas Pablo Samuel6514120CRC1469Ccdr Goicoechea
12Araya Tropper Ariel6511520CRC1412Ccdr Goicoechea
13Martinez Cusi Alessandro6514286CRC1400
14Melendez Arce Caleth6513522CRC1400Ccdr Turrialba
15Moscoa Badilla Hannah6513727CRC1400Ccdr Goicoechea
16Vargas Zamora Yahir6514545CRC1400Ccdr Turrialba
17Soto Alfaro Braulio6507387CRC1391Ccdr Moravia
18Guevara Cornejo Gabriel6507107CRC1350Ccdr Goicoechea
19Solano Saltachin Javier6507166CRC1298Ccdr Goicoechea
20Frajman Kierszenson Lior6511627CRC1286
21Ocampo Arias Jose Ignacio6509754CRC1272Ccdr Santa Ana
22Chinchilla Nunez Sebastian6508855CRC1247Ccdr Goicoechea
23Gonzalez Cascante Roy6508871CRC1234Ccdr Goicoechea
24Ramos Rodriguez Daniel6511635CRC1166Ccdr Goicoechea
25Solano Saltachin Ruth6507174CRC1144Ccdr Goicoechea
26Gomez Rivera Felipe6508359CRC1140Ccdr Goicoechea
27Perez Granados Marian6511325CRC1121Ccdr Goicoechea
28Ramirez Aguilar Julian6516629CRC1082Ccdr Goicoechea
29Cartin Aguilar Luis Javier6516858CRC0
30Sauter DirkCRC0
31Guevara Cornejo Marina6507182CRC1435Ccdr Goicoechea
32Brenes Morales Manuel6508294CRC1331Ccdr Goicoechea