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3rd Hong Kong National Open and Junior Rapid 2017 U16

Last update 16.09.2017 15:01:24, Creator/Last Upload: hong kong chess federation

Starting rank

1Wei Feng Xing6004792HKG1696
2Lam Emmett Michael6004725HKG1338
3Chin Ming Kai Michael6003834HKG1104
4Chan Hok Tsun6005543HKG0
5Cheung Tung Ching6005578HKG0w
6Chiu Tsz Chai Michael6005128HKG0
7Liu Charles66201730HKG0
8Tse Pok Hei6005152HKG0
9Tsoi Mike6003486HKG0
10Wei Vincent6005160HKG0