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1º Edição do Torneio de Xadrez de Sub 18 - Macovi Spor Club 2017

Last update 15.08.2017 00:34:49, Creator/Last Upload: macovi

Starting rank

1Amaro LutuimaANG0Macovi Sport Club
2Ricardo JoelsonANG0Macovi Spor Club
3Júnior FigueredoANG0Macovi Spor Club
4Filipe MárcioANG0Macovi Spor Club
5da Costa BrunoANG0Macovi Spor Club
6André MarcianoANG0Macovi Sport Club
7da Silva SamuelANG0Macovi Sport Club
8Luís ValdemarANG0Macovi Spor Club
9Dos Santos GrimaldoANG0Macovi Spor Club
10Constantino JoanaANG0Macovi Spor Club
11Adriano LeopoldoANG0Macovi Sport Club
12Agostinho JoãoANG0Macovi Sport Club
13Bunga AvelinoANG0Macovi Sport Club
14Loyola InácioANG0Macovi Sport Club
15Milton BungaANG0Macovi Sport Club
16Sobrinho EduardoANG0Macovi Sport Club
17Baltazar CarlosANG0Macovi Sport Club
18Bessa MiguelANG0Macovi Spor Club
19Júnior EdnásiaANG0Macovi Spor Club
20Viera OlgaANG0Macovi Sport Club
21Manuel JúlioANG0Macovi Sport Club
22Balmiro AlexandrinoANG0Macovi Sport Club
23Baretemeu AndréANG0Macovi Sport Club
24Cristovão AdelinaANG0Macovi Sport Club
25Cristovão AlexandreANG0Macovi Sport Club
26Sebastião EliasANG0Macovi Sport Club
27Mota EdsonANG0Macovi Spor Club
28Mota ElianoANG0Macovi Spor Club
29Tulifufyene SebastiãoANG0Macovi Sport Club
30Tavera BrunoANG0Macovi Spor Club
31Sofrimento TelmaANG0Macovi Spor Club
32Júlio SalvadorANG0Macovi Sport Club
33da Cruz AlcidesANG0Macovi Spor Club
34Justino SandiraANG0Macovi Spor Club
35Adraino PedroANG0Macovi Sport Club
36Domingos JanetaANG0Macovi Sport Club
37Martins ClementinaANG0Macovi Sport Club
38Gomes DeniseANG0Macovi Sport Club
39Jaime MiltonANG0Macovi Sport Club
40Paixão YaraANG0Macovi Spor Club