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Chester le Street 2017 Challengers

Last update 20.08.2017 20:19:06, Creator/Last Upload: briantowers

Starting rank

1Metcalfe William G441546ENG119Darlington
2Webster VivienENG117Calderdale
3Bowler TimENG113Maryport
4Kumaar Sai Chinmayee NENG113Northumberland Juniors
5Xu WeimingENG113Jesmond
6Johnson Stanley430080ENG111South Shields
7Freeman PaulENG110Peterlee
8Reddington JohnENG110Peterlee
9Lowcock DavidENG107Hartlepool
10Neville AntonyENG102Gosforth
11Khan HasimENG99Alwoodley
12Wilson HarryENG97Darlington
13Stobbart FredENG96Hetton Lyons
14Appleby John RENG93Leam Lane
15Glasper BrendanENG84South Shields
16Glass EddieENG76Hartlepool
17Dann BrianENG0Forest Hall
18Paige MichaelENG0Durham CCA