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Chester le Street 2017 Major

Last update 20.08.2017 20:17:35, Creator/Last Upload: briantowers

Starting rank

1Dean Robert A422860ENG158Pudsey
2Patrick David A468517ENG158Courier Halifax
3Clegg Robert425150ENG156Huddersfield
4Ormerod StephenENG156Darlington
5Marsh John SENG154Leam Lane
6Gamble Raymond J406066ENG153Spondon
7Clarke Paul Rh450162ENG152Rose Forgrove
8Ellames George JENG151Morpeth
9Desmedt Richard E430455ENG149Wombwell
10Hall David G2402394SCO147Scotland
11Rowden KevinENG147South Shields
12Clinton WilliamENG144Scotland
13Patterson Dave448036ENG141South Shields
14Howe DanielENG137Gosforth
15Bhattacharya JyotirmoyENG135Durham City
16Salisbury Paul450243ENG135Yorks Copper Works
17Czestochowski Eddie459089ENG134South Shields
18Stewardson David430161ENG134Leam Lane
19Kocan Barry AENG128Basingstoke
20Heathwood RichardENG124Scotland
21Sayers ChristopherENG122South Shields