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Waldviertler Meisterschaft 1. Klasse Waldviertel 2017/18

Last update 05.05.2018 10:53:31, Creator/Last Upload: nö.-schachverband

The best player per board: according percent

The minimum required number of games: 60%

Board 1
1Prinz Hubert Dr.1918Bad Großpertholz76,910,0197613
2Grohmann Hans-Peter1744SGM Voest Krems 346,77,0171415
Board 2
1Pekmezovic Omer1708Zwettl 383,310,0185012
2Peer Jakob1755SGM EPSV Gmünd-VB H'stein73,19,5186013
3Fichtinger Karl1518SGM Voest Krems 350,07,0165914
4Rausch Rudolf1750Bad Großpertholz50,06,0164112
5Schramel Franz1536SG Litschau-Eisgarn 334,64,5149713
6Boeck Johann1450Schweiggers30,84,0145613
7Trappl Hermann1515Schweiggers30,04,5153115
Board 3
1Noebauer Klaus1725SGM EPSV Gmünd-VB H'stein65,48,5164813
2Bradara Mirko1695Bad Großpertholz64,39,0166914
3Kiefl Otto1631SGM EPSV Gmünd-VB H'stein61,58,0160013
4Katzenschlager Maximilian1506Zwettl 359,16,5156511
5Huth Manfred1509SGM Voest Krems 358,37,0160812
6Schrenk Franz1467Schweiggers56,39,0157216
7Holl Robert Ing.1383Schweiggers43,87,0140216
Board 4
1Denk Franz1558SGM Voest Krems 378,611,0169814
2Zeiler Wilfried1546Bad Großpertholz73,19,5160913
3Murko Marie-Theres1207SGM Voest Krems 459,16,5141311
4Faltin Juergen1355Schweiggers50,08,0130116
5Fidi Hermann1101Groß Siegharts 222,72,5120211
Board 5
1Cizek Johann1414Bad Großpertholz61,58,0143613