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Richmond Rapidplays 115 Open Section

Last update 14.08.2017 03:26:43, Creator/Last Upload: paul_mck

Starting rank

1Radovanovic Jovica915912SRB2217Sandhurst
2Haldane Robin W408875ENG2027Streatham
3Rizvi Nasir1800540WLS2005Coulsdon CF
4Santos Joao AA1905910POR1975Albany
5Hayward Alan415936ENG1872Streatham
6Joslin Tim M435317ENG1813Mushrooms
7Deswarte Ian407860ENG1812Guildford
8Brown Geoffrey M446416ENG1795Folkestone
9Hughes Gavin James440116ENG1786Chingford
10Young Daniel J425184ENG1777Castles
11Hardwick Alexander M422355ENG1711Oxford University
12Headlong Benjamin436410ENG1638Brown Jack
13Fear Logan452998ENG1478Sutton Grammar
14Thatte Nandinee64300625ENG1099Richmond Juniors
15Knight Daniel J460176ENG131Uxbridge
16Knight David460184ENG124Uxbridge