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Circuito Blitz CXSSP Etapa 32 Categoria A

Last update 12.08.2017 23:35:09, Creator/Last Upload: ricardo oliveira

Starting rank

1Batista Gerson Peres2102706BRA2139
2Domingues Jair Vicente2108453BRA1970
3Santos Dwlyan Da Silva2198355BRA1920
4Da Silva Siderley Junior2198363BRA1812
5Paschoa Brenno David Pereira22701672BRA1529
6Abreu Eduardo Jose Da Silva22720480BRA1491
7Paschoa Lazaro Dos Reis22701680BRA1489
8Campos Vitor Salgueiro Canoas22724273BRA1427
9da Silva Gilberto Henriques OliveiraBRA0
10de Faria Mauricio Antonio LopesBRA0