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Circuito CENCAR UNVM 2017 - Torneo de Agosto

Last update 13.08.2017 01:43:09, Creator/Last Upload: pparis

Starting rank

1Azcona JuanARG2096
2Alcantara JuanARG1888
3Gilli Darío JesúsARG1863
4Koncurat AlfredoARG1834
5Paris ValentínARG1803
6Paris PabloARG1714
7Koncurat ThomasARG1655S14
8Koncurat EnzoARG1586S14
9Castro MateoARG1456S18
10Benetti GonzaloARG1371S18
11Billagra LautaroARG0S18
12Bosio BenjamínARG0S10
13Bueno CarlosARG0
14Capitani MaximilianoARG0S10
15Checon FrancoARG0S18
16Cortona JuanARG0S8
17Flores JuanARG0S18
18Georgetti GonzaloARG0S18
19Gonzalez JoaquínARG0S18
20Lolich ValentinoARG0
21Moreira MauroARG0
22Ojeda PabloARG0S18
23Ramos RenzoARG0S10
24Seppey ChristianARG0
25Seppey FelipeARG0S8
26Tell DomingoARG0S60
27Villagra JoelARG0S18
28Vivas ValentínARG0S10