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Canadian Junior 2017

Last update 14.08.2017 02:13:27, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 38)

Starting rank

1Chen Richard2617099CAN2324ON
2Hua Eugene2618150CAN2317ON
3Cai Jason2618133CAN2297ON
4Song Guannan Terry2614189CAN2250ON
5Vettese Nicholas2620090CAN2249ON
6Dukic Zachary2617188CAN2238ON
7Liang Hairan2620278CAN2231ON
8Nasir Zehn2613239CAN2221ON
9Zhao Harry2620413CAN2195ON
10Yie Kevin Yi-Xiao2617145CAN2146ON
11Li William2619750CAN2141ON
12Yang Fan2626055CAN2103ON
13Zhang Henry2620162CAN2096ON
14Maulucci Anthony2621835CAN2087ON
15Issani Nameer2619130CAN2072ON
16Noorali Aahil2619237CAN2008ON
17Surya Benito2620073CAN1998ON
18Chen Max2622440CAN1987ON
19Kang Dorian2619156CAN1955ON
20Ning Eric2625407CAN1926ON
21Xu Daniel2627345CAN1895ON
22Rusonik Max2619253CAN1880ON
23Atanasov Anthony2623897CAN1877ON
24Zheng KevinCAN1874ON
25Cui LeonardoCAN1872NB
26Uthayakumar Ronan2623773CAN1828ON
27Jiang Brian2627922CAN1827ON
28Cui CynthiaCAN1767NB
29Huang Youhe2629445CAN1680ON
30Liao Joseph2626772CAN1678ON
31Gilani Mysha2618966CAN1643ON
32Tao Ellen2620529CAN1618ON
33Liu Henry2628597CAN1603ON