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Last update 09.08.2017 04:32:14, Creator/Last Upload: federation nacional de ajedrez de guatemala

Starting rank

1Juarez F. Carlos AGUA2321Blitz 15o FENAG 2017
2Cu Hor WinstonGUA2292Blitz 15o FENAG 2017
3Juarez F. RobertoGUA2097Blitz 15o FENAG 2017
4Juarez F. GustavoGUA2063Blitz 15o FENAG 2017
5Juarez SamuelGUA2001Blitz 15o FENAG 2017
6Monzon CalixtoGUA2001Blitz 15o FENAG 2017
7Schmid B. StuardoGUA2000Blitz 15o FENAG 2017
8Hernandez AlexGUA1871XIII BLITZ ADAG 2017
9Guzman JimmyGUA1803Blitz 12o FENAG 2017
10Rodriguez M. Luis R.GUA1795Blitz 15o FENAG 2017
11Alebon CarlosGUA1773XIII BLITZ ADAG 2017
12Natareno ElviaGUA1772Blitz 11o FENAG 2017
13Tecum ManuelGUA1771Blitz 10o FENAG 2017
14Meneses DarioGUA1761Blitz Triatlon 2017
15Mendez E. Luis PedroGUA1738Blitz 15o FENAG 2017
16Aragon RicardoGUA1677Blitz 15o FENAG 2017
17Zamora HaroldGUA1670Blitz 15o FENAG 2017
18Morales MiguelGUA1659XIII BLITZ ADAG 2017
19Rodriguez Castillo RobertoGUA1655Blitz 15o FENAG 2017
20Tejeda JorgeGUA1597Blitz 14o FENAG 2017
21Beltran OtonielGUA1516XIII BLITZ ADAG 2017
22Alva EdwinGUA1477Blitz 15o FENAG 2017
23Montufar EsdrasGUA1400Blitz 12o FENAG 2017
24Torres MarceloGUA1400Blitz 14o FENAG 2017