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NÖSV 2.Klasse Mostviertel West 2017/18

Last update 21.04.2018 08:09:27, Creator/Last Upload: nö.-schachverband

The best player per board: according percent

The minimum required number of games: 60%

Board 1
1Tieber Michael1771SV Amstetten 678,65,519677
2MKThierjung Helmut1836SV Amstetten 566,74,018886
3Hintinger Mario1745KSV Böhlerwerk 366,74,018586
4Wadsack Thomas1782SV Amstetten 441,72,517256
5Griessenberger Markus1783SPG BSG Mauer/Herz d.Mostv. 341,72,517236
6Schellnhammer Franz1599SV Golling25,01,516186
Board 2
1Grissenberger Georg1639SPG BSG Mauer/Herz d.Mostv. 380,04,017985
2Blaha Werner1668SV Golling71,45,017697
3Kerschner Siegfried1643SPG BSG Mauer/Herz d.Mostv. 450,03,017086
4Eichhorn Ernst1643ASVÖ VHS Pöchlarn 450,03,016996
5Strick Bernhard1617KSV Böhlerwerk 350,02,515545
6Wolflehner Josef1547SV Amstetten 435,72,515717
7Drießen Frank DI1522SV Amstetten 514,31,013187
Board 3
1Stadlbauer Kurt1624SPG BSG Mauer/Herz d.Mostv. 375,04,516536
2Brandstaetter Andreas1480SPG BSG Mauer/Herz d.Mostv. 466,74,017166
3Haida Johannes Wolfgang DI.1332SV Amstetten 550,03,014536
4Felsner Johann1450ASVÖ VHS Pöchlarn 450,02,515275
5Marzi Andreas1507SV Golling33,32,014356
6Rauscher Günter1265SV Amstetten 633,32,013636
Board 4
1Raab Anton1608SPG BSG Mauer/Herz d.Mostv. 391,75,518426
2Scheuch René1241SV Amstetten 564,34,514497
3Koller Robert1320SV Golling42,93,012297
4Beyer Edith1357SV Amstetten 420,01,011725